Software Engineer

User-focused developer with an analytical mind and a love of research. In addition to programming I enjoy filmmaking, geeking out with friends and flipping antiques for profit.


shiba sensei

Puzzle game with scrambled images of Shiba Inus. When we found an API whose sole output was cute doge photos, the only question was how to implement it. Turned out to be a lot more work than we thought! My most rewarding moment came when I solved the challenge of breaking up the requested image into nine trackable pieces. Also enjoyed utilizing jQuery and CSS variables.

Silver Twilight Club

Text-based multiplayer game set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft. We spent hours whiteboarding the architecture and it really paid off. The final game has a complex database which talks to both our API server and another backend program we christened Carl Sanford. Carl handles all the "dice rolls" for each turn of the game. Other highlights included learning about login/validation practices as well as PostreSQL and Amazon Web Services.


An Instagram-type web page inspired by the show Vikings. The modal box was tricky to get right as I wanted the original features like keyboard control, looped scrolling and clicking-anywhere-to-close. I also enjoyed using JavaScript to dynamically populate the two image galleries, thereby keeping the whole thing on a single page.